Qbee Elixir Red Propolis

ELIXIR red propolis

Propolis is produced by bees as a protective shield of the hive, and this is exactly its use for the human body: a powerful medicine, strengthens the immune system, a potent anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. The red propolis of Samothrace is unique, first of all in antioxidant activity, as well as a strong enhancer against diabetes and cancer. Its action is important in cellular regeneration, resulting in improvement of overall health and of the appearance of the skin. Has unique effects against physical weakness.

All Red Propolis Qbee Elixir products (Tincture, Vital, Panacaea and Libido Booster) in alcohol tincture 40% 95 vol, in a 50ml glass dropper. Use daily 20-25 drops in water.