Qbee Elixir Vital

The combination of unique Samothraki Red Propolis and the natural Greek mountain-grown oregano extract creates a powerful medicine, with high antioxidant activity.

The result is the victory against free radicals, thus improving the oxygenation of the body’s cells and strengthening cardiovascular function.

The combination of the unique Red Propolis of Samothrace and the extract of natural mountain grown oregano creates a powerful medicine with high antioxidant activity. The result is a victory against free radicals, leading to improvement of the oxygenation of the body cells and a strengthening of the cardiovascular function. A natural defense against cancer.

A shield against infections and inflammations. A potent medicine for the respiratory system, oral and nasal cavities and throat that effectively fights the common cold as well.

All Red Propolis Qbee Elixir products (Tincture, Vital, Panacaea and Libido Booster) in alcohol tincture 40% 95 vol, in a 50ml glass dropper. Use daily 20-25 drops in water.